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Windsor Bowback Arm Chair

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During the eighteenth century there were important makers of furniture that developed distinctive styles that are identifiable by today’s collectors. The Dunlap family of New Hampshire and the Tracy family of Connecticut were both influential in thier time and in their region. Many pieces were made in the “Dunlap” style but not necessarily in the Dunlap shop.

This chair is made in the “D.R.DIMES” style and of course by D.R.DIMES. Many contemporary makers also make this style. Which is to say that D.R.DIMES has substantially influenced the style of the time as only a Master can.

The Bowback Arm Windsor Chair is the second most popular Windsor chair ever made by D.R.Dimes. Like the Bowback side chair it has been copied in one form or another by countless Windsor chair makers. After 50 years the design holds strong.
Height: 41 1/2″Width: 25 3/4″Seat Height: 18″Seat Width: 21″Seat Depth: 16″

Height: 41 1/2″

Width: 25 3/4″

Seat Height: 18″

Seat Width: 21″

Seat Depth: 16″