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We work with our clients to develop their own personal “Brand” through Lifestyle Design. Our team of professional design experts will go way beyond space design with personalized and customizable options which will create that unique look and feel for any space.

In order to offer our clientele fresh and updated looks and stay ahead of this ever-changing industry, we closely monitor the marketplace  through our involvement in trade organizations and by attending National and Global trend and product shows.

We will work closely with you to pull together a complete “big picture” vision with an end goal in mind, so whether you are proceeding with the entire project or need to approach it in phases, your expectations will be exceeded. We have found this strategy to be extremely successful for our clients and projects.

Lifestyle Areas:

Over the years, we primarily focused on large scale residential projects for existing and new builds. We have since, expanded our business to to include work with:

The Small Lodging and B&B industry

Corporate Residential

Funeral Homes

Senior Living

and Light Contract Work

We can create a unique experience for your family, friends and guests by our attention to detail utilizing products from all our lines ranging from door knockers and tabletop, to a full range of home furnishings, lighting, art, florals and draperies; and all of the details in between……..

For More Information Please Contact:
Susann Heller
Director Of Lifestyle & Experience Design