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If you are looking for it all, you’ve come to the right place. Even though we pride ourselves on the one stop shopping experience, the fact remains that furniture is a staple of our business and always has been.

As the seasons change here in New England, so do our vignettes. Come in to the store to experience them and get inspired! Our designers will give you an enticing glimpse into what could be the home of your dreams. During the summer months you might find coastal nautical themed areas, or an array of bright, sorbet stripes to wet your decorating palette, and during the holiday season, it is pure Christmas magic. We are all about inspiration here and we can tangibly make it happen for you as well.

Here at SCB you will discover that we have many different styles, fabrics, and finishes to choose from. Many of our collections are custom oriented in order for you to get the complete custom look you desire. You be the furniture designer! Anything from traditional to transitional, coastal to cottage, French country to primitive,and everything in between. We have every style to suit every customer request. We pride ourselves on our legacy of fine American made, handmade country furniture, but clearly we’re not just country anymore.

Our knowledgeable sales staff and design consultants can help you navigate through the many choices available and help you determine what would be appropriate for you and your home. Design services are always a great option if you are feeling overwhelmed. We have several qualified designers on staff to help.

Everyone deserves a comfortable, safe, relaxed sanctuary that they can call home. After all, it is our haven from the outside world.

Furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, color. These things don’t make a home. People do. Life does. And this is where the right choices of furnishings can make all the difference in your world and within your own personal lifestyle.

Escape from the everyday and come visit the Shops @ the Saybrook Country Barn. Spend a day, enjoy a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed.


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